OGLMan: making OpenGL management easy

Today, I release OGLMan (OpenGL Manager) out into the wild, out in the public, in Github for all the world to see.

Why? Because Github is an awesome free git repo service, and I don’t really think it’s any much of a big deal. The whole purpose of OGLMan is for me to understand how the modern shader based OpenGL works. It come to fruition because I was following Jamie King’s awesome OpenGL tutorial youtube playlist (check out his channel, it’s uber technical!), and I find dealing directly with OpenGL functions is a hassle because of all the stuff you have to manage, so I OOPtize it! I initially designed it as such with WhiteStarUML:


Of course, the code doesn’t really follow completely, but the main 6 classes are there. in MyGLWindow I only need to override 2 methods and I see shapes in the scene! Yay!

2014-07-19 01_10_37-myglwindow.cpp [master] - sfml-opengl - Qt Creator

Yea, this is actually all it can do for now. You can’t even move around the scene (yet). Lame.

So, here’s what I used to build this:

Of course, people these days would just use a render engine like Irrlicht, but they won’t get to learn as much. I think.

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