Building SFGUI 0.2.3 For Windows (MinGW)

I took a really long time to figure out how to build SFGUI on windows using cmake 3.0 and MinGW 4.8. It’s a huge hassle for someone who just wants to ‘plug and play’. All throughout the time I was wondering: Why the heck can’t the developer just upload the precompiled binaries?? Damn.

Links to SFGUI 0.2.3, SFML 2.1 and GLEW 1.10.0  are to the end of this post, all packed in one nice package, static and dynamic. Note that the GLEW here is not the precompiled binaries from the developer site as they only provide for VC++; this version of GLEW is built with MinGW. Also included are the precompiled example applications. Note that to run them you need the DLLs around.

So for the most part the instructions are provided in the SFGUI site, but at the step “It fails to find SFML or FindSFML.cmake!”, I felt that it should be a bit for explicit for the pampered windows people with the cmake GUI:

  1. Click “Add Entry”, set name to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and type to FILEPATH, set the value to SFML/cmake/Modules, where SFML is the SFML root directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SFML on Windows).
  2. do the same for SFML_ROOT to the SFML root directory.
  3. Configure and generate again to apply the changes.

So that was the part I got stuck. Other than that the building was fairly smooth. Here’s a screenshot of one of the examples:

2014-07-26 22_58_03-Building SFGUI 0.2.3 For Windows (MinGW) _ Bruceoutdoors Blog of Blots

Download SFGUI 0.2.3 (built with MinGW 4.8.6, GCC 4.8.1, SFML 2.1, GLEW 1.10.1, using Windows 8.1)

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