OGLMan Test Application v0.2-alpha

This is what I’ve been working on lately – built from the ground up. It’s not Maya or 3Ds Max, and it doesn’t use a rendering engine; only raw OpenGL goodness talking directly with the graphics card.

This new alpha release adds the following features:

  • OBJ loading (Uses code from http://www.opengl-tutorial.org/)
  • loading textures from JPEG files
  • wireframe render
  • flat shading with no lights render
  • orbit (or arcball) camera (doesn’t support panning there)
  • vertex coloring (the arrow)
  • flat vertex coloring (yellow cube and plane)

You can download the program from https://github.com/bruceoutdoors/OGLMan/releases …take note you’ll need a new-ish graphics card with the latest drivers, or it’ll hang or crash or something like that…


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