Personal Projects

Some of my proudest work in chronological order:

MMU Time Tabler (July 2015)

A time table website to outmatch the existing system used in my uni, using data nabbed from the existing system itself. –

Video Demonstration:
[Ruby on Rails 4.2, Heroku, Netbeans 8.0.2]


Qt Drawing App (May 2015)

An experiment on complexity management to test how much requirements (and maybe future requirements) I can piece together by utilizing good design practices (SOLID principles). This is also the first project I used unit tests (CATCH) –

Video Demonstration:
[C++11, Qt5, Qt Creator, Catch Unit Test Framework]


TTGen (Nov 2014)

Truth table generator. Created in 2 days to help validate my assignments in one of my course subjects. Uses Dijkstra’s Shunting Yard algorithm and reverse polish notation –
[C#, Windows Forms, VS2013]


Reversi (Oct 2014)

Created in a 3-day hackathon. –

[Unity 4.5, C#]

OGLMan (Aug 2014)

a bunch of convenience classes that ease the management of shaders, buffers and meshes in the modern shader based OpenGL . –

OGLMan Test Application v0.3
[SFML 2.1, GLEW 1.10.1, GLM, OpenGL 3, SFGUI 0.2.3, MinGW 4.8, C++11, Qt Creator]


Sliding Puzzle (June 2013)

built for hackathon event, base functionality was built in 2 days. –
Sliding Puzzle
[Qt5, C++, Qt Creator]


TinyTex (May 2013)

Example program for a Qt5 compatible KLFBackend LaTeX rendering engine. –
[Qt5, KLFBackend, LaTeX, C++, Qt Creator]


B-Tetris (April 2013)

Tetris written in VB.NET, written for programming course at foundation.

[VB.NET, VS2010]


Scalable console Tic Tac Toe (June 2013)

This program is built from the ground up within 5 days. It got me my first job.

[C++, Qt Creator]